winTED 0.2.2 for Windows 10


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Never miss an episode of your favourite TV-Show, because WinTED automatically checks if there is a new episode contained in the subscribed rss-feed, downloads the torrent, and interfaces with the bittorrent-client you are using. Features: Periodically check an feed for new torrents, supports RSS0.91-RSS2.0 and Atom0.3-Atom1.0 Periodically check any website for new torrents, even if its plain html Filter by Episode or Name (is auto-increased if WinTED successfully gathered an torrentfile) Filter by minimal/maximal Filesize Filter by Date to avoid picking up "fakes" (is auto-updated) Pause entry to reduce "fakes" that pop up premature to airing Filter by Keywords (to filter out ipod-versions or releases in different languages) wildcards like * or ? allowed Filter filenames contained inside torrent by Keywords (to filter out password protected zipfiles) wildcards like * or ? allowed Spider webpages automatically for torrent, if link contained in the rss-feed does not point directly to the torrent. Webpages are presorted and cached to speed up the process. Multiple possibilities to interface with your bittorrent-client: Save to directory (so Azureus or other clients can automatically pick it up), Save+Execute .torrent (works with most clients), Click-on-URL (works just like you clicked on the torrents URL in your browser) Retry previous episode (in case you caught a "fake") Not written in java (my box only has 64 megs of memory)